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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Payment Processing Solved

Users of our cloud-based solutions receive all kinds of benefits, from more efficient workflow to increased collaboration and access to shared data and tools.  As such, cloud computing can allow for improved, streamlined payment systems, however, this is not the only way such payment can be experienced. At Atomus, we deliver payment solutions across the cloud and web platforms, providing more options for the solutions' most efficient utilization. The power of our payment solutions though is in the doors that it opens for our clients as much more is possible for them to do for their businesses with our Xylyx partnered solutions.

Gone is the old model of restrictive payment processing. Now with micro payments, sped up cash flow, and improved traditional shopping cart functionality, the complexities of facilitating payments on time and getting the money to each party is more secure and simplified. One of the leading challenges to efficient payment systems is building its functionality so that it accomplishes its goal with a minimum delivery time. Our Xylyx solutions do exactly that.

This increases the automation of the process and reduces overall cost. These and other features are increasingly making new business models more viable and are pushing many companies to take advantage of these improved systems. One aspect of this opportunity is digitally franchising businesses, which is a growing practice, but one that is not easy done unless your payment systems make it possible for you to do so.



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