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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Connect with Your Customers Using Application Development

Mobile apps are flooding the market. The sudden rise in mobile technology is due to the increased production of smartphones, tablets, and other smaller computing devices. New application development has taken a closer look at the new mobile upsurge and risen to the challenge. The average businessperson should realize that many of their customers are using new, friendlier mobile technology. This makes it mandatory for the small business owner and even larger corporations to ensure that their customers can make transactions and communicate with their businesses online. New application development makes keeping up to date and completing transactions efficient and convenient. Mobile development for the Android and other mobile systems is essential to staying competitive in today's business world.

Application development works hard to merge your services with new technology. Keeping up with emerging technology is just one point that must be taken seriously. Don't let the competition move forward with the latest in technology while you stay complacent. Move forward with the best in mobile applications, mobile app development, and cloud migration. All major corporations are moving to the cloud because they find that it is easier and more cost effective for their organization.

It is important to select a team of application developers who understand exactly what their clients require to stay competitive. Our team of developers will bring quality of workmanship and experience to the table. All application development should be customized to fit our client and their specific needs. The applications should enhance and improve customer contact and experience. Our well-trained application development team will enable your company to keep in stride with all new technologies.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New and Improved Online Payment Systems

Every day consumers around the world are enjoying the convenience of making transactions on online payment systems. Some of the most popular online payment systems promise convenience without the hassle, however, there are many hidden fees and policies that actually make using these systems difficult. Our Xylyx Money system eliminates the middleman, and the waiting involved with the processing of payments. This provides an easy to use system, and a pleasurable experience while doing so.

Xylyx's online payment systems bring users into the 21st century through compatibility and ease of use. Microsoft's developers have gone to every length to make the Xylyx Money system the best it can be. By utilizing accessibility to the Cloud, and needing very little programming knowledge, Xylyx Money boasts a user-friendly system that is definitely easy to use. In addition to these features, the Xylyx payment system offers completely automated payment features, and real-time tracking of accounts. In short, the system is always updating itself and keeping track of your money, so you know where it is, and when it is due to be sent out or received.

All of these features allow for a much faster cash flow, and are much more efficient in supplying money to those involved in the process. As mentioned earlier, many other competitors offering online payment systems have holding policies and take fees for processing the online banking transactions. Because the Xylyx Money system allows the customer to set up all the variables of a certain account, this eliminates staff, and at the same time, costs.

The Xylyx Money system will usher in a new era in online money management. The user has complete and total control over accounts with licensed accounts, and can access the payment system from anywhere by utilizing the Microsoft's Cloud. What's better is that there are no start up fees when switching to Xylyx Money Systems. Setting up an online monetary payment system has never been easier and we look forward to introducing your company to online payment systems.


Monday, April 9, 2012

Creative Custom Software Development for Your Business

Sometimes there is no "one size fits all" solution to your software requirements. With most companies, there comes a time when they find they have outgrown their current infrastructure and need a custom solution to fill their needs. This is where our custom software development team comes in.

Custom software development can save hours of frustration: using inappropriate software can be like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. By creating a custom software solution for your company, you will increase efficiency many times over, as well as open the door to new technologies and possibilities that you may not have realized existed.

Custom software solutions exist to save money, not to cause you to spend more of it. This is why our company not only tailors the software to your needs, but also to your budget. Custom software development will ensure that you pay for the features you need and want, and nothing more. Our team is skilled in business solutions and will find the right options for you at the best possible price. Because our team is dedicated to getting you the right items at the right pricing, we will be fast and efficient in deploying your new solutions.

With expert in custom software development by your side, you may find possibilities that you hadn't even thought of before. Our custom development team is skilled in browser based applications and can help mobilize you, allowing you to expand your network significantly with little overhead. You may have not considered that sales representatives with custom mobile applications could save you travel time and thereby increase revenue, or that leveraging a cloud based storage system would give you additional safety and security. Through our expertise, our custom software development team can find solutions to problems that you weren't even aware existed.


Friday, April 6, 2012

Why You Should Create an App for Your Business Through iPad Development

Apple continues to be one of the most successful companies on earth. They are worth more than 35 billion dollars and have even began buying back some of their stocks. This success is not a coincidence. They continue to innovate and lead the technological market. One of their most popular products is the iPad, which has changed the way many people live their lives in a way that hasn't been seen since the home computer debuted. Companies are now realizing that they can take advantage of the success Apple has been having through iPad development.

Apps are one of the main things that Apple products focus on, which are usually made by non-Apple employees. This means that you can create a mobile advertisement and tool for your company. What are the advantages of iPad development for your business? While most businesses apps are free, you will earn your money from advertising your business throughout the app. Your app can also make it more convenient for potential customers to spend money on your products or services, increasing your revenue.

As a business owner, it is impossible to miss out on this growing industry. The app industry is already enormous and it continues to grow. Much like Facebook pages, apps are becoming an essential part of business advertising. Businesses that create iPad apps can see a huge increase in popularity. In today's world of technology, companies that adapt and take advantage of technology succeed and companies that don’t get left behind. Contact us if you are interested in iPad development to take your business to the next level.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Transitioning to the Cloud with Cloud Development

Many companies are now leveraging the cloud for efficiency, security and growth. However, many people look at migrating to cloud storage as an insurmountable task. Since cloud technology is relatively new to the IT field, many IT companies may not feel entirely comfortable helping their client's transition to the cloud and may even discourage them from doing so. Fortunately, we can help you with all of your cloud development needs.

Our skilled technicians are Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud specialists. They are experienced and knowledgeable about all types of cloud development. They can deploy your cloud solution with speed, efficiency and reliability. The Windows Azure Cloud leverages cloud computing technology for services and products that provide the customer scalability and flexibility.

Our cloud migration service deploys in three main stages: planning, porting and launching. The planning stage is where their expertise truly shines. During this stage, our experts will learn about your company's needs and desires and plot a course that will successfully fulfill them. During porting, your applications will be shifted to the cloud. While minor alterations may be necessary, most applications will port with ease. Finally, during the launch, users will be made aware of the changes being made and the new cloud system will go live. Care will be taken at every step to ensure that data is not lost and that rollback functionality is fully enabled.

We are a Microsoft Partner with detailed knowledge of the workings of Windows Azure, and as such, are skilled in the successful migration and deployment of Microsoft cloud based technologies. Since mistakes and downtime during a migration can be extremely costly and even lead to data loss, this is a situation in which hiring the cloud development experts will truly pay off.


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